About us

About us

Ligna is a small language services company co-founded by three like-minded translators with professional experience in a diverse range of specialisms and services, and strong educational backgrounds. The trio have a history of successful professional, creative, and technological collaboration that has been groomed since 2013, when they met as fresh members of a team of news translators working under the Foreign Language Service of Brazil’s national public service broadcasting corporation, the EBC. Over years of fruitful collaboration in several projects both within and outside the EBC, we have grown to start our own language service business in 2018, in Brasília, at the heart of Brazil.

We provide translation, interpreting, subtitling and proofreading services with English, Brazilian Portuguese, and Spanish, as well as Italian into Portuguese translations.

Meet our team

Meet our team

Fabrício Ferreira

Fabrício has vast experience in translating from Brazilian Portuguese into English. Graduated from the State University of Rio de Janeiro in English Language and Anglophone Literature, he took a section of his undergraduate program at the University of Winnipeg, in Canada, where he focused on Literature and History.

In addition to translation and the teaching of English as a foreign language, he also passionately dedicated his studies to historical linguistics and ancient languages—particularly Latin and ancient Greek, along with the history of Latin-derived and Germanic languages.

Since 2013, Fabrício has worked as a translator at Agência Brasil, a public news outlet controlled by Brazil’s national public service broadcasting corporation EBC, where he renders news stories about Brazil into English, in addition to subtitling videos and shows for TV Brasil, a public television channel, also at EBC.

In his translations, Fabrício strives for faithfulness to the original, bearing in mind the public the translation is aimed at and finding solutions with language that is natural, efficient, and idiomatic—when the translated text gives the impression it was originally conceived in the target language.

Mayra Borges

Mayra is an English-Portuguese (bidirectional) and Italian-to-Portuguese translator with professional experience in the localisation industry since 2005. She has a BA in Translation from the State University of São Paulo (UNESP) and an MA in Translation, Interpreting and Subtitling from the University of Essex (UK).

Between 2013 and 2017, she served as in-house English translator for Brazil’s national public service broadcasting corporation, the Empresa Brasil de Comunicação (EBC), with the daily job of translating news stories and special reports by the EBC’s Agência Brasil news service from Portuguese into English. From time to time, she also subtitled audiovisual content produced by TV Brasil and corporate documents between English and Portuguese (both ways).

Her credentials include accreditation with the Brazilian Association of Translators and Interpreters (ABRATES) and the ProZ Certified PRO Network for translating from English into Portuguese.

As she developed her translation career working in a diverse range of technical and non-technical domains, she became specialised in translating news, marketing, and creative content involving cultural and linguistic adaptations, humour, and wordplay.

More recently, she qualified as a professional subtitler, simultaneous and consecutive interpreter (onsite and remote), as well as over-the-phone and video remote interpreter for medical and public services. In those fields, she works bidirectionally between English and Portuguese.

Lucas Magdiel

Lucas holds a BA in Spanish from UFRJ and a postgraduate degree in Spanish translation from Universidade Gama Filho. He started his career in 2006, providing proofreading services to publishing houses and individuals. His first book translation jobs came by in 2012-2014, with teenage book collection Conspiracy 365. Several others have followed since, including Morgue: A Life in Death (2017) and Night of the Living Dead (2018)—all of them from English into Portuguese.

Working as an in-house translator at national public service broadcasting corporation Empresa Brasil de Comunicação (EBC) since 2013, Lucas translates news reports published by the EBC’s Agência Brasil from Portuguese into Spanish and subtitles TV Brasil audiovisual productions into both Portuguese and Spanish.

In addition to language services, his role at Ligna extends to management, as well as the supervision of collaborative translation of non-fiction books from English into Portuguese.

As an Eureca certified professional subtitler, Lucas has translated English-language TV shows across several genres from talk shows to documentaries, including Ace of Cakes (FoxLife, US) and The Graham Norton Show (BBC, UK).

He also counts hundreds of jobs in a wide range of translation domains from his experience as freelance translator and proofreader with OneHourTranslation since 2012.

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